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Matthew Gregory "Dr. Asphalt"

  Hi, I  am the owner and estimator for Asphalt & More.  What makes our company different is that I look at parking lots as a welcome mat. I believe that this is the first impression the customer gets when viewing your property or your business.  I believe the job should be done the right way everytime and that a straight line should be a straight line.

  I may be a little different for several reasons. For one reason I see all this asphalt as an art. One of my favorite hobbies is taking photographs, many that are around town in advertisements, websites and billboards. I believe that your property should look as beautiful as it can. We can help you with that with our beautification program.  Let us help you transform your property into art.

  Another reason is that I am actually a Doctor of Chiropractic. I have been practicing for over 22 years. There are many reasons why I have entered into the asphalt business but such little space here. Maybe you will see it on a video blog in the future. I originally was in engineering. I used what I have learned in engineering to help people get better, now I believe I will use what I have learned to give the best quality asphalt workmanship.  We have a saying here at Asphalt & More, Commited to Quality, Committed to You!

  Call us and let us help you diagnose your asphalt problems, whether it is maintenance, repair or new asphalt, WE CAN HELP!


About Asphalt & More

Hiring Process

When you hire Asphalt & More, you'll work with Matt Gregory from start to finish. This process begins with an initial site visit, a pre-construction meeting and setting expectations for the client and crew. Communication is our watchword, and you'll receive regular reports on your project.For more information, or to schedule a site visit, contact us today at 980-282-8473.


Call us today or enter your information on the contact page.  We will come out and review your property with you and give you a FREE QUOTE! No obligations. We use physical and satellite measurements to give you the best possible accuracy for your quote.

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